Dog Walking

Dog Walking Services Dog Walking: 1 hour (�10.00) Provided your dog is sociable around other dogs and can be walked in a small group (no more than 5) (�3.00 is applied to any additional dogs added to the household) Dog Walking (One-to-One): 1 hour (�13.00) This premium service is intended for dogs who would be best walked alone or are particularly strong powerful dogs and walking in a group could prove difficult or merely that the owner prefers to have a the duration of the walk purely dedicated to their pet. *The prices quoted are for weekdays. Tildys� Den do not walk on Bank Holidays unless by prior arrangement and the increase in costs agreed in advance. We provide a dog walking service, occasional or regular. We spend 1 hour with the dog/s and can customise this to the needs of the dog/s. This could include: - A trip to the local park or green space - Disposing of your dogs litter appropriately - Feeding and topping up water - Administering medicines, as supplied by your veterinarian - Providing companionship and stimulation - Socialisation with other dogs (if appropriate) We will fit around your working day, holiday or social schedule . As we are a full-time business operating throughout the year we can offer flexibility and can often attend at short notice, should the circumstance arise. We don�t apply cancellation charges for dog walking if the walk is cancelled in advance of us arriving. Our dog walking service covers a diverse range of breeds. All prospective customers should be made aware that we will never shy away from working with a demanding dog, those perhaps with behavioral problems such as pulling or showing aggression towards other dogs. Any pet sitter that declines this type of work shouldn't be a professional sitter in the first place. We also have experience of working with dogs who display separation anxiety and will gladly work alongside the owners to help alleviate the problem. We are also able to offer a pet transport service to clients who use our other services only.

Dog sitting

Doggy Day Care Here at Tildys� Den we are offering a new service of Doggy Day Care, running from our home we offer a �home from home� experience for a small group of dogs. (spaces are limited) we offer AM or PM sessions or full days. The dogs whilst here are treated as though they are our own dogs and have supervision throughout their stay with us. They are constantly assessed not just on their first visits but on all visits, this is to ensure a safe environment for all the dogs who attend. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and up to date with their flea/worming routine, and have kennel cough vaccinations. The Dogs vaccination record must be shown on their first visit and copies will be taken for auditing purposes. When possible the dogs are taken over to the local park for a walk either on or off leash (dependant on client prior agreement) As we only take a max of 3 dogs on day care, please be advised that spaces are limited and priority is given to those with a regular routine rather than the occassional day/session. Dog Home Boarding Tildys� Den is fully licensed by Leeds City Councils Animal Health dept within Environmental Health for home boarding (license no 15/00002/COMM/18). We are also fully insured and police checked. The dogs in our care are kept in our own home as though they are our own pets. The dogs need to be fully vaccinated and up to date on their flea/worming regime. They will have access from time to time with dogs who are here on day care, therefore it is advisable to be vaccinated against kennel cough also. Their vaccination card needs to be provided on their arrival for a copy to be taken for auditing purposes. Our home has its own secure garden, that is all enclosed to which the dogs have full access to. They will be exercised either on or off leash (dependant on clients prior agreement) at some point during the day.

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting & Pet Sitting Service Cat Sitting: �8.00 per visit or �15.00 for 2 x daily visits Small Animal Care: �8.00 per visit or �15.00 for 2 x daily visits *The prices quoted are for weekdays and weekends. ** If your holiday falls on a Bank/Public holiday, there will be a increase for that day. Please call or email for a bespoke quote. Our Cat Sitting and Small Animal Care services are an alternative to traditional catteries and saves you asking friends or family to look after them. We provide a professional, personal service for you and your pet, allowing them to stay in their own familiar environment whilst you�re away. We are able to feed your cat, rabbit, chickens or any other domestic pet, change water, groom, fuss and clean their litter trays/hutch. We also have experience in caring for cats with diabetes and we can administer veterinary prescribed medication if required. In addition, we also ensure that your property is securely checked and monitored during your absence. This includes bringing your mail, milk and newspapers inside, opening and closing curtains and leaving lights on as appropriate. Our Cat Sitting and Small Animal Care services include one or two daily visits, up to 20 minutes each. You can decide if you wish us to visit them in the morning (8.00-10.-0am) or evening (4-6.30pm), or both! We can provide first rate cat and kitten care while you are on holiday, away for the weekend or on business etc. It is always our intention to try and replicate your routine and imitate the interaction that would normally take place between you and your feline friend. We don�t charge for travelling to your home, the price is all inclusive. We just need you to provide your cat�s usual food, spare cat litter (if applicable) and a key for your house, which we will return to you once you are home. We ask if you intend travelling overseas that you text upon your return to the UK so that we can return your key, that way if you are delayed we can still get into care for your pet. At the initial consultation we will run through our insurance, police checks, references etc., and once you are happy we can book you in. Please note that to ensure we can spend the appropriate amount of time at every visit, we undertake a limited number of visits each morning and evening. We do get very busy at peak holiday times, so please do contact us well in advance to ensure we have availability.

Rabbit We look after small mammals such as rabbits and gineau pigs - including feeding, hutch changes etc Gineau Pig

Fish Fish and Birds Bird

Small Pet Home Boarding Rabbits: �5.00 single or �6.00 per 2 animals sharing housing Guinea Pigs: �4.00 single or �5.00 2 animals sharing housing Birds & Other: �5.00 single or �6.00 2 birds sharing housing For All owners, we require that you arrive and depart with your pet in an appropriate, escape proof, in transit housing. For Bird and Parrot owners, to minimize the spread of mites, we require that your pet and its housing be dusted liberally with a good mite powder prior to boarding. For All Small Herbivore and Omnivore owners, to minimize the spread of Flystrike, we require that your pet bunny rabbit, guinea pig (cavie), hamster or other rodent be treated with Xenex Ultra Spot-on for Small Mammals, an Insect control to kill fleas, ticks, mites and lice prior to boarding (available from your Veterinary Practice). For Bunny Rabbit owners, to minimize the spread of the Myxomatosis virus, we require The Record of Vaccination Card showing up to date booster of the Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (VHD) & VHD2 within past 6 months upon commencement of boarding. For All owners, wherever practical, to provide their own pet�s familiar, escape proof housing to help reduce stress to the animal that change of environment may cause.

Microchipping � Leeds, Wakefield

Microchipping for Dogs, Cats, - �15.00 for first and �10.00 for second subsequent pet Discounts available for customers that use our other services & Breeders Under the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 which came into effect in April 2016, all dogs have to be microchipped by the time they are 8 weeks old and cannot be sold or transferred without having been implanted first. Under the current law this can carry a fine of up to �500 if not carried out within a specified time. Here at Tildys� Den we offer a mobile microchipping service ideally suited to those with litters of pups as it means they can be implanted at their home address thus eliminating the need to put all the pups in suitable crates and transporting them to a vet. Helen is a fully qualified implanter who implants a tiny microchip (8mm) under the animal�s skin. This gives the pet their own unique code. The microchip can be scanned and matched to the owner�s contact details, which are kept on a secure and DEFRA approved database. Tildys� Den use Petlog and Microchip Central databases, the latter of which is our preferred choice as it is more user friendly and transfers of ownership become a much simpler process. Thousands of animals are lost every year and many are never reunited with their owners. The consequences are devastating. Microchipping can change that and protect against this awful scenario. While collars and tags can get caught or removed � microchipping identifies your pet permanently and effectively and the implantation is usually painless and very quick. Advantages of microchipping include: * Proof of ownership * Reunite lost pets * Stop thieves * Cat flaps * Passports


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